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Welcome to the information center of Prague Hotels. Please feel free to browse our database and links to learn more about Prague, the capitol city of the Czech Republic. Click on About Prague to find interesting historical facts. From the foundation of the Prague Castle in 870 AD to the Czech Republic´s entry into the European Union on May 1, 2004, you´ll find a wealth of information on the city´s history, important dates, influential historical figures, architectural monuments, cultural events and more.

Also of interest might be basic info about Prague and the Czech Republic. Where is Prague? What is its population? What form of currency is used in the Czech republic? What is the weather like in Prague? These questions and more are answered on the bottom of the About Prague page, under the heading of "Basic Info About the Czech Republic". Further down we even provide you with important telephone numbers in case of emergencies.

Under Places of Interest you'll find a database of some of Prague's most important architectural landmarks and monuments, complete with photos. Browse this section to acquaint yourself with Charles Bridge, Golden Lane, The Old New Synagogue, The Prague Castle and of course St. Wenceslas Square... then book your accommodation through Prague Hotels in the part of the city you like best. We offer accommodation possibilities all throughout the city, so take your time and enjoy.

Current Info gives you up to the minute weather and currency exchange rates, and will be updated with additional information in the future.

In our Links section you'll find more useful info pertaining to traveling in other parts of the world. From European cruises to hotels in other countries, this is the section to access if you wish to see more than just Prague.
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